ON TREND: The 10 Coolest Guys on Instagram

image1. Eugene Tong - @ettong1979

The Style Director at DETAILS flawlessly mixes high fashion with streetwear, and documents his menswear finds on Instagram. 

2. L.A.S - @sartiallyinc

While he’s not running How To Talk to Girls at Parties and dominating the #menswear scene, this cool guy contributes to Complex and Four Pins


3. Matthew Sebra - @mattyseebs

Apart from being one of the talented men behind GQ's instagram, Matthew's style shines through in his personal account too. Note the Lacoste L!VE sweatshirt shot taken at PROJECT LV this past February.

4. Nick Grant - @nicholasgrant

Despite living in Iowa, Nick is on the forefront of all things menswear and street style. Oh yeah, he also writes for Complex. 


5. Atif Kazmi - @porhomme

As a resident Blogger PROJECT veteran, Atif is more than fluent in menswear and what’s coming up in the next year.

6. Morgan Collett - @morgancollett

The Co-Founder of SATURDAY Surf NYC offers an industry insider’s view through the lens of his iPhone. 


7. Nick Sullivan - @nicksullivanesq

As the Fashion Director of Esquire, Nick knows a thing or two about the industry and menswear.

8. Dao-Yi Chow - @alldaydaoyi

The Co-Founder of Public School NYC is an avid Instagrammer and offers insight into his world as a designer for one of the most buzzed about brands over the past few seasons. 


9. Marcus Troy - @marcustroy

What would any Instagram list be without Marcus? As the chief curator of the Blogger PROJECT and a certified tastemaker, Marcus consistently delivers on point pictures and brings his followers into his world of creativity and brand collaborations.

10. Michael Williams - @acontinuouslean

As one of the pioneers of menswear blogging, Michael has a refined and clear vision for artisanal products and behind-the-scenes access to the brands we love. 

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